Split a single long playlist into multiple playlists

Sep 25, 2017

There are plenty of cool music playlists on YouTube. They often times grow quite big. One of the reasons is probably because of the shuffle limitations. You may shuffle only one playlist at a time. Dealing with long playlists is rather unwieldy though. Splitting the list back to individual artists makes it much lovelier and cooler.

And this playlist manipulation is surprisingly easy with DiskYT. The typical workflow may look like this:

The end result must be a collection of Disks(playlists) created from a single original playlist.

Let's take for example the Christina Webb playlist.

After initial drag and drop DiskYT shows a single playlist:

After applying transform many more playlists are displayed:

And if we move the top slider to the left it's even more beautiful:

I hope you are impressed with the result.