Oct 16, 2017

I was sifting through my morning portion of Hacker News. Stories, comments, usual stuff. Then one word broke the rythm - "moreso". It didn't really add much to the sentence, but somehow caught my attention. There was something so italian about it - sun, waves, grapes, Caruzo. Sounded exactly like Caruzo: [mo'reso]. I liked the word whatever the meaning.

That same evening at dinner time, it was my showtime. "Who knows this cool new word [mo'reso]?" - I asked my kids. They looked puzzled and asked how would I spell it. Easy - I spelled the word. They looked at each other and then burst into laughter. Once they stopped and wiped their tears, they finally told me: "More so, dad, more so. It's not [mo'reso], oh fob ...".