Everything changes and nothing stands still (Heraclitus)

Oct 16, 2017

Playlist changes are a fact of life. Videos keep disappearing left and right. How would you know which videos in your playlists are in good standing (without going through all of them one by one)? Well, we have you covered. Go to My Stations, click on one of your stations and hover over the first letter of the station title (Yes, we know not the most obvious place to watch for help, but we have not come up with something more sensible yet). The first letter is a link to the playlist checker. Click the 'Check Videos' button to start the process. Most of the links will probably be fine and if you just want to see the broken videos, activate the 'Apply Filter' checkbox at the top of the checker page. If a video is not available anymore or is not embeddable it will be reported. Also if the video is blocked in the US and/or Canada it will be reported as well (it may be a false positive for many of you, sorry folks).

And one more thing. If you click the last letter of your station title you may validate all your stations at once including all folders and subfolders. Enjoy!