About Featured Stations

Featured stations are a premium DiskYT feature. However while DiskYT is still in beta, anyone may request their station to be featured on the front page. The station will stay featured for one year, until Oct 1, 2018.

The only condition is to include a link to DiskYT (for example a link directly to your station) somewhere on your web property (or at the very least mention us on your pages).

Once you created your station and added a link to DiskYT, send us an email at <our domain name>@gmail.com with the subject line Featured: <your channel name> (Our domain name is diskyt.com).

In the email body please specify a page where the link may be found.

Unless there is a clear connection between your site and your DiskYT channel, please add your channel name somewhere on the page (behind the scenes if you prefer).

Right now all featured stations are selected somewhat randomly. Over time we'll try to figure out what pages with DiskYT links bring more traffic to DiskYT and will display the stations associated with these pages more often.